MEGA 88 FM -- A R U B A

Mega88fm will entertain you! - 24/7 



This is Mega 88 FM Stereo Broadcasting From Aruba Dutch Caribbean.
We are broadcasing on 88.1 MHZ,also you can listen to us on the internet.

Hola Amigos esta es Mega 88 FM Stereo. Nosotros somos una emisora

 radial de Aruba para todo publico.

Puedes sintonisarnos en la frequencia 88.1 MHZ.

transmitiendo for di Aruba den teritorio di Caribe.

Sintonisa Mega tambe on line 24 hora cu su programacion alternativo es

 decir pa tur publico.Mega 88 cu un ekipo di locutor y locutoranan 

capacita pa brinda un programacion di nivel pa tur publico.


Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertaining our fans, and just plain have fun. We are  performing daily on the air with our special radio shows.

 24 Hours In The Air

During 24 hours every day we bring to you the best in radio programs,for more information just call us at 297 5826888